Friday, September 01, 2006

Honestly Ernesto

Already, some of the schools have been closed and my parents are delaying leaving South Carolina for the drive up. I am glad I drained the pool last night below the skimmer because this morning I awoke to find it above the skimmer (gotta go out in the rain again). My foot sank in one of the areas where the sprinkler man laid some new PVC, and I am thinking the ground will be too wet to use an Aerator on. To make matters worse, my Ximeta NetDisk decided to die. This was the storage drive for photographs taken over the years. I will have to make a decision how valuable they are to me because I might send this off to get recovered. But, on the bright side, it is Friday, Monday is a holiday and the Gamecocks shut out Mississippi State (clang clang clang).

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