Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Ship Hits The Fans

Ok, once you watch this trailer, you will see that I am not as clever as I want you to think I am. But still, I am totally blown away that the Star Trek project has been kept under wraps so well. This weekend, the TOS will begin airing again in High Definition with a re-recorded original score and new special effects.

Here is where you can breath a little easier:

1. The Opening Theme: This was re-recorded from the original score. It is "note perfect."

2. The Effects: There will be no fins, no barrel rolls. The shots have faithfully been recreated in the computer so that they will scale well with HD.

So, go get ready to get your Trek on.


1 comment:

Todd said...

Fascinating! This is the best thing to happen to Trek since THE WRATH OF KHAN.