Friday, September 15, 2006


Today was not a day that I would not categorize as a red-lettered day. Our Burmese cat of fifteen years, Misty, had to be euthanized. She has had kidney problems for years that we had been treating with diet, but we had noticed  change in personality recently. After taking her in earlier this week, her blood results showed that her kidney problems had worsened, and it did not look good. The decision we made to have her euthanized was not easy.

We stayed with her in the room while the doctor shaved her arm to expose the vein. He injected the serum and by the time he had finished the syringe, Misty was gone. Her remains will be cremated and then either buried or put out into the ocean.

Thanks girl. We miss you.

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James said...

My condolences. I know how hard it can be.