Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is nothing like getting a phone call from your wife telling you the stove is on fire while stuck in traffic.

It wasn't a "drippings" kind of fire, but something that looked more like a sparkler on the fourth of July: white hot, and slowly following the path of the bake element. Cindy emptied the fire extinguisher on it, but to no avail. After hitting every possible stoplight on Greenbrier, I made it home as she decided to call 911 for a little assistance.

As she was talking to the non-911 911 attendants that you get when you sign up for Vonage, it lazily passed through my mind that maybe turning the breaker off might be a good idea. Turns out that not only was it a good idea, it stopped the march of the acetylene light ("a working man works till the industry dies").

I put a call into our appliance guy. Most likely will pay way too much for what I know to be a $30.00 part.

And, it's not every post I get to work a Sting Lyric in!!

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Rick said...

Sting rocks, Mr. Fireman.

George said...

Sting does rock, but you shouldn't have wasted such a reference on a Fire Department story. He was in the POLICE! Next time, please get arrested and then post such a lyric.

Chuck said...

"I'm a three line whip, I'm the sorta thing they ban, I'm a walking disaster. I'm a demolition man." <-- One of Favorite Police Songs.

I have always been partial to the Soul Cages album. I bought the tape shortly after Cindy and I had been dating, it was the only Sting concert that I attended. I wore the tape out listening to it from Bush River Road to Decker Blvd when I worked at a Blockbuster out there.

Sorry. Too much information.

...running through my brain. Too much information, driving me insane.

(there you go, two police quotes).

Todd Vick said...

I agree with George. Go to downtown Columbia with a toy gun, make a movie for AP English, then from your jail cell plug your Blackberry into Vonage and post proper Sting lyrics. For your cell mate, I would post:

"Don't stand so close to me..."

James said...

The same thing happened to my oven last summer! But I didn't call The Police.

Steve said...

I would have focused more on your drive home. "Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, contestants in a suicidal race."

Poetry. I'm lean more towards Mercury Falling, myself.