Thursday, August 02, 2007

Really Gone!

This past couple of months have been extremely busy for Cindy and I; July was but a blur. It seems like it was yesterday that I was going to see Transformers in DLP, but, that was already a month ago.

The big event that happened at work was taking a promotion to Director of Software Development. It pretty much ends my professional coding career, but not my love for coding. There was one week that I got a little depressed about it: did I make the right decision? This position is not well defined, and so I do not feel that I see real, tangible proofs that I am doing what is expected of me. Already, I am having to deal with performance issues, and I find that I have to put aside my own likes or dislikes and tell it like it is.

Cindy and I painted two rooms. I realized, after the paint was dry, that our color scheme sorta matches Starbucks. However, for the record, Cindy picked the colors. I just applied them and hung up the new curtains.

We made our annual trip to Buffalo the second week of July. You know, it's not the beach, but I really look forward to it. I got a chance to chill out at the movies and Borders (btw, my coffee beverage of choice is now, officially, the Americano) drinking some of Seattle's Best. I never did get to see Die Hard, but I did catch Order of the Phoenix on opening day.

The best part, of course, is getting to see my bud Lorne. I would say that over the past 10 years we have spent maybe 24 hours together. But Lorne is a kindred spirit and I connect with him. The best part is just watching where God has brought him. From my perspective, it is like watching clouds rolling on time lapse photography, so I see this movement very clearly. Lorne is a writer, and has a heart for teens. Also, he is a gamer. Not a video gamer, but a gamer. Over the years, we have played everything from Clay wars (build a monster out of Clay and engage in battles) to WWII Table Top War Gaming using the Green and Tan Plastic Army Men. He uses games as a venue to minister to teens at his church. What I think is really cool is that he does not bring an evangelistic message to the gaming table, but gives the kids a role model of a healthy Christian guy. This makes it very open for the kids to bring friends who might not necessarily come to church.

The kids went to South Carolina to spend the week at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I really intended to be there longer, but it turned into a quick turn trip for Cindy and I. Rick, I apologize, but I will have to take that coffee with you at Panera's on another trip. With the week free of kids, Cindy completed the painting just in time for them to come back.

And that was July.


Rick said...

You've been missed, chum. Anytime you're heading even half way, let me know.

Todd Vick said...

That goes double for me, sir.