Monday, August 13, 2007

Division Champ

Katie did very good at her first show. It was new to all of us, so I will describe the division that she competed.

She entered in the Walk and Trot division. In this division, the rider brings their pony along the outer rail of the arena. Once the riders are in position, an announcement is made that they are now being judged. The judges are looking at the riders' posture: back up straight, heels down, shoulders back, hands still and low.

Then the judges ask the riders to bring the pony to a trot. When the rider transitions from the walk to the trot, they might have to change their diagonals. This basically means that they need to rise and fall with the horse. The judges are scoring the rider and making sure their diagonals are correct.

The riders are asked to turn their ponies around and proceed in the opposite direction. At one point, the judges asked the riders to go into the two-point position.

Finally, the riders line up in the center with their backs to the judges so that they can see the rider's number. A first, second and third place is announced, and then, the process repeats two more times. After the third time, an overall champion is announced.

Katie did a fantastic job. She won first place on the the first two cycles, second place on the third and overall champion for the division.

Personally, as her dad, I was so nervous for her. When she went through the gates, I had to remind myself to breath. I have never been a competitive type, and I am really glad to see both of my girls find themselves in a sport.

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Jolly good.