Friday, August 10, 2007

Tighty Whitey

My pal George has put up a blog called Tighty Whitey.

I have known George since the first grade. At one point, I thought George I Pair Elementary School was named after him. He was part of a group of guys that formed what, for lack of a better phrase, my gang. Always the comedian, George has a strong musical talent that took him into the professional world of Christian Rock. Of course, I knew him as part of the duo "Nicholson and Green," and I only recently discovered his alter rockin' life. George also was a guy who taught me the importance of not letting your anger get you, as I once punched him. I know that we have laughed about it since, and all has been forgiven, but it is an instance that shaped me into who I am today. It was not a pleasant lesson.

George recently taught me that Democrats can be Christian too, and God doesn't carry political card for any party. In fact, He authorizes those parties to exists. I made what I thought would be a funny comment, and George took me to task on it. Did I really not know this already? Of course I did, but it also reminded me that I need to be careful about what I write.

But the memory of George that I carry with me was an event after my sister died. I had just gone back to school and first period was P.E. I remember being in the weight room and just being overcome again with grief. I did not want to cry in front of the guys, so I left to the hallway. George saw me and came out after me. He may have said something, I really don't remember. What I do remember was that he was there.

So...Give one of the last surviving members of Mrs. Yonce's "Wild and Crazy Guys" a look. He's a great guy.

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George said...

Thanks, Bro. I'm speachless.