Thursday, August 02, 2007


More videos like this available from Great News Network

I did not write at all about this when I initially posted. Perhaps that was a blogging no-no as it is easier to post videos that intrigue me that writing about what it was in the video that sparked my thoughts.

In this case, it was motivation.

I am not sure how effective tract witnessing is, but that is me limiting what the Holy Spirit can do. What catches me in this video is that I am that guy who would be more willing to do something if there was one hundred dollars attached to it. Deep down I wonder why I am not more motivated to do things in love. The verse references made (treasures in heaven) are oft used during Stewardship messages, but this video moved that verse into context.

Anyways, that's all.


Rick said...

We really need that coffee, don't we?

Rick said...

"Hey, do you want this tract? It looks like a million dollars, but that's fake. On the back it's got a message about Jesus. But here's the thing - since I'm giving it to you, that guy over there is gonna give me $100. So, y'all got time to grab coffee or something eat? Or I can just give you guys that real $100 instead of this fake one."

Something like that would be cool, huh?

Chuck said...

It's not really about a fake million dollar tract, or the people receiving the tract, was it?

And, you look like a sharp guy. I bet you like to make money. I can really see you are sharp. What kind of work do you do?

(Opening pitch for any good AmWay salesman).