Monday, August 27, 2007

Men as Trees, Walking

Last night, I got a chance to teach the small group lesson. It was a continuation on Mark chapter 8,which includes the healing of the blind man in two stages. During the first stage, the man says he sees men, but the look like walking trees. Jesus touches him again, and the man sees clearly.

I told them the story of Virgil, a man who had his sight restored after being blind for 50 years. He had a cataract removed and a lens replaced. He was able to see, but was confused by what he saw - he couldn't make sense of what he saw.

I suggested that the disciples were like Virgil. They had seen all the miracles, heard the teachings, but still, they had spiritual Agnosia. Aren't we like that too? Is it is because we are looking in a mirror darkly, or maybe God has just not revealed something to us. Jesus extended lots of patience to his twelve; we should have the same patience with ourselves and others.

Men as Trees, Walking would be a great band name.

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Rick said...

Isn't that the Ann Heche drama on tv?