Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing out 2010

Hi there, it’s me.

I find it funny to look at my last post that was about being able to post again…and here I am, six months later. I could not even scratch up an additional post while on vacation. Go figure. I think that it is really a statement about being busy.

For me, I feel that I killed my blog when I tried to turn it away from why I started it anyways – a way for me to journal what is going on in my life. I over reached.

I also put more time into my Facebook social life. It is far easier to come up with a snarky status than it is to write a post.

In closing out the year, I did complete reading/listening to the Bible with Daily Audio Bible. The Old Testament had a big impact on me, especially the minor prophets. I look forward to continuing the journey tomorrow morning.

Life seems to be moving so quickly that sometimes it is all I can do just to catch my breath. For 2011, I would like to be more responsive and less reactive. This applies not only to my relationships with my wife and kids, but also to my work. I want to apologize less for verbally throwing up on the people who mean the most to me. I would like to be proactive instead of being a procrastinator.

That’s about it.