Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rick's Site May HARM your computer.

Rick has become the swizzle stick that messes with and challenges my paradigms. Now, his site has been proven to be harmful not only to them, but also to your computer. Don't believe me? Then believe Google:


Actually, something must be amiss with Google because all sites are returning this message. Unfortunately, clicking on the site name will take you to:


And going to the diagnostic page simply gives you:


The thing that is funny is that I did not realize how much I depend on Google. I rarely book mark anything anymore because Google makes it so easy to find.

And Rick...stop twittering. I miss the messin'


image Recently, we bought the "Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000"  package. It comes with a no frills keyboard (though, I think it is very nice) and a no frills mouse.

The problem started when Cindy noticed the scroll wheel on the mouse did not work. You would spin it, expecting the web page, email, whatever, to respond by moving down. It didn't. You could spin spin spin and it would move.

I decided to use Microsoft's email support. I have had really good success with using email support lately. Even if it does provide for some very funny and insincere emails ("I know that the problem must have greatly upset you.").

I went through the Help and Support Wizard. The mouse that comes with the Keyboard is the Microsoft Wireless Optical 2000, so, I thought that would be the product. A few clicks later, it asked for the Product Id. I chose the automatically detect method. This preceded to download some software and then a long progress bar. There was a lot of commotion, but the net result was that it could not find my product.

It was time to do it the old fashion way. A quaint.

Flipping the mouse on its back, I squinted to figure out the numbers (btw, 6 looks a lot like an 8). This was fairly frustrating because the first couple of tries, it just told me it was wrong. Finally, it gave me a format that it was looking for. The product id that I had was missing some numbers. Missing that is until I found some more characters completely NOT connected to the Product Id.

Then it told me I had the wrong product. That product Id was for the Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000. Start the Wizard all over again.

Finally, through the miracle that is copying and pasting I was able to get to the point where I type in my request and enter my email. Clicking continue, and I got the message in the picture above.

It is hard to believe that a company like Microsoft can have such a non-intuitive help and support. Or, is it?


Saturday, January 24, 2009

GG Bryan

I am posting a eulogy for my Grandmother, Louise Prontaut Bryan. She passed away this morning. During the summer, she developed shingles, and it completely wrecked havoc on her immune system. A few days ago, mom told be that she had pneumonia, and that it would not be long.

Grandmother was a card. She had a sly humor about her, and had a sweet grin. She loved to play cards, and was an avid reader. I loved staying at her home, and going outside and looking at the stars.

My Granddaddy had passed about 10 years ago. Katie was just a baby at the time. On our last visit, GG (as we took to calling her) was frail, and mentioned him. She recalled that he was playing on the golf course in September, and passed in December. She called him fortunate. This broke my heart.

I do take comfort in our Hope, and I know that she is with Christ. Although some differ on this, I also believe she is reunited with her husband. Today would have been his birthday.

A fitting present, wouldn't you agree.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rear Ended

My lunch routine is fairly boring. I usually heat up one of those microwave dishes, drive over to Barnes and Nobles, eat in the car, go in the bookstore and get a coffee. If I have brought my laptop, I find a place to sit and watch something that I pulled down off of BT. Lately, I've been watching a programming screen cast, "Summer of NHibernate." Then, I travel the few miles back to my place of work.

The routine was broken up when I was rear ended.

I had come to a stop, waiting for the light behind several cars. It was a few seconds when I felt a push. I've had these happened before, and trusted that the bumpers did their job and the worst that could have happened was some messed up paint.

I got out of the car and looked over at the woman getting out of her white VW Beetle (the new kind, not the cool kind). I asked her if she was ok. No response. She immediately started looking at the front of her car. I glanced at my bumper and did not note any damage. The lady mumbled that she had just bought the car all the while rubbing her hand on her bumper until she discerned some chipped paint.

"Well," she stated, "What do you want to do?"

I thought this was a underhanded meatball. Obviously, there was no damage to my car, so I certainly thought she did not want to get her insurance involved since she hit me. So, I just said "Well, you hit me." This triggered a response from her that I was not expecting.

"No sir, I most certainly did not. You hit me."

I could not believe that. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, you hit me and my head went back."

"How could I have hit you?"

And then, she dropped it and said "So we just let this go?"

It is amazing how we go around this world with our own versions of what happens in life. Absolutely Amazing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It was to be the biggest snow that we had in four years. It was supposed to start at 4 am. It was supposed to be three to five inches of snow.

But, this is Hampton Roads. The Anti-Snow Zone.

I was a bit disappointed when I left to go to work. I was hoping that it would be coming down. We had messages on our phone announcing the possible closing of the office due to the Winter Warnings. By 11:00, we received the official "office closed" message, but work from home if you are able.

I wanted to wait to see what was going to happen. By lunch, the sun was peaking through the clouds a bouncing off car windshields. Perhaps during the afternoon, towards rush hour, we would get socked. I would wait until 4:00, just to see.

We got Snowped. No Snow. Although the temperature was correct, it was too dry. What did fall as flurries quickly evaporated prior to hitting the ground. Personally, I did not see anything.

Personally, I wished I would have just gone home.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moe's and MLK.

I am just about to go out and put some gas in the cars, but thought I would fire off a quick post. Today, Cindy and I met with an "Endorsed Local Provider" for investments. ELP's are endorsed by Dave Ramsey and meet certain criteria.

The meeting was long, but by the end, Cindy and I felt more comfortable about inviting this person into our financial plans. I left with one of those "I really should have done this a long time ago" feelings. But, honestly, I wasn't ready for it. Also, the past two years have been spent getting out of debt and getting an emergency fund in place (plus saving for the Pony Puller).

The meeting was three hours. Wow, I wasn't expecting that much detail. The girls were fantastic, and we went to Moe's for lunch. How could I pass up a burrito called an "Art Vandalay"?

We had a great conversation about MLK. Nothing too deep, but just that not too long ago, the color of your skin made a really big difference in how you were treated. MLK, and others, thought this was wrong, and did something about it. MLK made a famous speech, in which he said that he had a dream that one day people would be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.

It was also neat to mention that tomorrow, the first black president will be inaugurated. What a historical moment, and an achievement for all American.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I Spit my last Breath at Thee."

From all the Star Trek Television incarnations to all of the movies, books (both legit and comic), no other villain matched Captain Kirk stride for stride like Khan. And the actor who played Khan, Ricardo Montalban, was as imposing on screen as William Shatner.

It saddened me to see that he passed away Wednesday morning.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Silent Night

Ah, but you must be thinking "Chuck, it is January, and Christmas was last month." To which I would reply, "Yes, you are correct. However, my kids are at Church at a Kid Thing and Cindy and I are home alone, enjoying a silent night."

Ok, so, here is how lame we are when we are trying to be bad when there are no kids around.

Cindy comes over with coupons for 2 "Cold Stone" ice creams for five bucks. No kids around, and all she can think about is ice cream!!??

I love that lady.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Make your Own Motivational Poster

motivator418934If you find these motivational posters as funny as I do, head over here to make your very own.

But, please share.

Ok, I haven't thought about this ...

Did you realize that Star Trek:TNG launched with Encounter at Farpoint twenty two years ago this fall. That's right, twenty two years.

I can remember in 1991 when Jay and I drove from Cola Town to Hotlanta for a 25th ST Anniversary showing of the first five movies. Gene Roddenberry had just passed, and the ST:VI trailer was premiered, not once, but twice. The movie marathon was accompanied by the phrase "Sit Long and Prosper." We tried to pace ourselves, but still, ST:V was dog hard to get through. We drove back to Cola the same night.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hey Gang! I would like to wish you and your family the happiest and prosperous new year!

God Bless!