Sunday, January 02, 2011

After the Holidays

Cindy asked if I had experienced any of the post holiday “let down.” She was asking this as we brought the boxes down from the attic, took down and repackaged the decorations.

I realized that just two weeks ago was what I remember was a “day of business.” A day that was filled with violin recital, a birthday party, a jazz gig, a cable installation and looking at lights. The week before was Christmas and we were on the cusp of a major snow fall. All of last week was filled with family guest and parties. I was off last week and I had successfully achieved a state of “what day is it anyways” mentality.

Now, with guest are gone and decorations removed, routine is about to reinsert itself back into life. Today I think I do have just a twinge of the post season blues, but there is also nervous anticipation about what 2011 will bring.

I feel ready to jump back into the work fray. I am purposefully intending to bring a better work/life balance this year. Also, I propose to better my craft. Who knows where this will lead?

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